Survival Bracelets and Keychains

Our survival bracelets are handmade by David Stupar, who, despite his physical handicaps, did not hesitate to take his life into his own hands and transformed his hobbies into quality products that can save people's lives.
Survival Bracelets and Keychains


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David, along with his team, has been handknitting survival bracelets and keychains for Dedoles since 2012, when he was only 16 years old.
Survival bracelets are knitted from a thick nylon paracord rope with the carrying capacity of up to 250 kg. In case of emergency, you can untangle the bracelet and get a multi-function rope.
How to use the paracord rope in case of emergency?

How to use the paracord rope in case of emergency?

You can use it while building natural shelters, making traps, fishing nets or food-hiding places. It will replace a damaged shoelace or belt too.

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